Who the heck hijacked this site with those annoying posts? Some vinju??

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Report these as spam by clicking the ! right in between the Reply button and the thumbs down button on the posters original post. I cannot even scroll far enough to get to a place without this post. They must have used an automated posting bot or something to post it so many times.
Spammers get what they want when their posts stay on a board this long in the middle of a day on a weekend.

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The spammer was adding posts faster than I could report them as spam. I think that some have been removed. I gave up reporting them.

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I reported one of them. They surely were trying to hijack this site.

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I reported a bunch this morning but far more were later posted.

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Just to let all of our Forum members know, this Spammer/Hacker is/has been JUST as frustrating for us on the Moderation Team as it has been for all of you. We appreciate your reporting them to us. Jacob has been made aware of it, and when the spamming/hacking comes in multiple pages, as it did today, he has some way of removing multiple posts at one time on the back end of his server. So if this happens again, the Moderation Team will make him aware that we need his help once again! Thank you all for your patience when this occurs. The Moderation Team. smiling smiley
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