Organic grocery shops

I know there have been a thread or two on this in the past but... I signed up for all those companies and still can't find what I'm looking for. Still only seeing two non-organic stores.

The shop I'm looking for has a LOT of narratives and you have to shop 8-10 departments. Can anyone help me with this one? The name of the client or at least - is it a Sassie company, prophet, shopmetrics, proprietary? Any info would be appreciated. I've signed up for over 50 companies and still haven't seen it. But I know their competitor just started shopping them : )

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8 or 10 departments? Do you want to mention the name of the store? I would love to help but have no idea which grocery store you want info on.

I have only heard of shopping 4 or 5 departments.
lbarlbar Wrote:
> 8 or 10 departments? Do you want to mention the
> name of the store? I would love to help but have
> no idea which grocery store you want info on.
> I have only heard of shopping 4 or 5 departments.

If I make the store obvious, then you can't share the name of the client for it would violate Jacob's rules.

This is an organic big chain grocery store. It has a larger number of narratives than any other grocery store requests. It pays mainly for a large reimbursement ($15) for a meat purchase and $5 or so for the shop. If you know which one this is, it will be obvious. Appreciate any help, thanks!

I just can't believe I haven't seen it in any of my lists all this time.

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I think the company you are looking for is in Jacob's list. I has 4 discussions listed. You might rview those to find out what you ar looking for.
Sharing the name is not just some arbitrary rule that Jacob came up with, it is a violation of every shopper's IC agreement with each MSC.

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Just FYI, the shop you're looking for is not always 8-10 departments, it varies. As far as I know, you won't be able to see the job board until you perform an initial shop, which is offered by email, and it takes several shops (I think five) before you can self-assign. I think I can safely say that the site is proprietary.
why would you want to shop 8 to 10 departments? sounds like a PITA to me. An organic PITA with organic hummus, but a PITA just the same.
I shop the grocery store you are talking about monthly. The company does not have a website you request from, they send emails monthly inviting you to see if you can shop during one of their scheduled weeks. Then you get three emails back, with your instructions.

You need to get names from various departments and have 2 interactions plus the customer service desk. it is a very easy shop and pays very well for a grocery - up to $34 if they sell beer or wine. $15 reimbursement. Narratives were very easy but they have you print a 6 page "shopping list" of instructions. the first time you do it it is very intimidating but it gets easier.

Barbage is correct about the MSC on Jacobs list. Even if we told you the name it probably wouldn't help because of the way these stores are scheduled.

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I have been told that there are several companies that do these shops depending on what part of the country you live in. I have no idea who shops them, but would love a hint.
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