How difficult are the YMCA and gym shops?

Though I have been mystery shopping since 2010, I still have not done a YMCA or gym (family fitness) shop. Most of the ones in my area pay between $30 to $40. Yet I was curios to know how long and involved are they (i.e. about how long do you have to spend onsite, about how long are the reports, on the average how long does it take to write these reports). Are these shops worth the time for the pay?

Lastly, in some of these shops, I see that they state something like . . . In order to effectively interact with an associate, you need to have a family (children 2-16 years and/or spouse) you can discuss. So I was wondering, do you really need to have a family or take a child or spouse with you to do this shop OR can you just pretend that you have children (that are the ages the guidelines require) and a spouse in order to do these shops?


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I've done, forgot their name but they've been around forever and used to be called Scandanavian. It took about an hour to go through the entire evaluation, though I tend to play the part if I'm really interested, so you might be able to do 1/2 an hour. Some reps remind me of used car salesmen as they really push joining then and there without taking no for an answer. I didn't bring anyone with me, just talked about my family.

The report was a little more lengthy than a normal one, but I tend to be detailed with that and probably give more than is required.
I did three of these last year completely solo. I do have a spouse and child, but would assume that you could just as effectively make up whatever you need to. It's all just conversation with the associate.

Report was about middle of the road. Not the easiest but far from the hardest I've done.
Thank you AlwaysAngie, and Zlinedavid. I appreciate your feedback, comments, and help. I will look into doing one of these shops. Thanks much! :-)

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