411 on Service Sleuth ?

I just registered with this MSC...couldn't really find anything on this forum regarding them...can anyone provide any 411...are they an Ok MSC...do they pay on time,etc...any input will be greatly appreciated...

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They are ok, no great ball of fire. In my area the shops seem to be being scheduled by outside schedulers. The shops aren't difficult and some of them are useful. The pay cycle is very long but they do pay as per their pay cycle. So, for example, their log in page is indicating that February work will be paid by April 30th. Chances are good that if you did February work for them the Paypal payment probably arrived today or will arrive tomorrow. So if you did a job Feb 1, you have waited almost 3 months for payment.
I have seen a things about Service Sleuth on these forums. The major complaint about them is that they are slow to pay. They are on a 90 day pay cycle. They pay through paypal. I have never had an issue with payment. You can sign into their website and look at their job board and apply for jobs. Some of their jobs are self assignable, and others are handled by an outside firm as Flash says.
My major complaint with them is they use an outside editing firm. A couple of those editors are anal. The comment is always the same: "Found a couple of grammatical mistakes which were corrected" and then you get a 9 instead of a 10.
Overall, I am OK with them. If you can deal with the 90 day pay cycle, I would recommend them. I do work for them every month, so I know I'm getting a paypal deposit every month.
I find the biggest problem wiht them is that everythign has to be converted to a PDF file. My computer and printer do not do it automatically and I had to go to another website to do it. Cutie does not seem to work and there is no drop0down on my printing options. Thanks to another participant of this forum I was walked through the proceedure and able to complete the shop.
I do specific jobs for them every 3-4 months and have never seen PDF requirement on those for uploads. Doing a PDF is no problem for me, I just have not seen that requirement and always upload a JPG format. I also have not seen less than a 10/10 since 2008. I am aware of one shop that requires PDF uploads and it may indeed be shop specific both for the upload format and for the outside editing.
I did my first BIG job for them in March, and they were a company I had flaked on when I first started. I completely forgot to do a phone call job, and rightfully so, SS put my rating down to a 1.

A scheduler emailed me to do a job. I asked if it was for SS, and she said it was. I explained that the job rating required an 8, but because of my flake, I had only a 1. The scheduler contacted SS, SS said okay (very surprised, because it was a high-paying job).

I performed the job on March 24th. I was paid, via paypal on April 5th. Including my full reimbursement of $112.

I'm very glad they gave me a 2nd chance!

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I work for them and have never seen PDF requirements. They are famous for the oil change, and had a great burger place that changed their age requirement, so
that no longer works for me, and the oil change is debatable. They are a solid Co., as everyone says,with slow pay, but you know when to expect it.

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Slow pay. Neat projects in my area. I have seen some of the jobs require pdfs. I tend not to take these jobs just because of the long time it takes to get paid.
Thanks everyone for your responses...it is most helpful...I don't mind the 90 day cycle if i know it going in and 90 doesn't turn into 180 days...from your comments it doesn't appear that will be the case with this MSC...they sound consistent and stable...I'll go see what i can find...glad to hear they do the theaters...I've been looking for another MSC to piggyback another MSC that I do trailers for just about every week for the last 3yrs...maybe I can now double my money...again thanks and keep the responses coming...I'm probably not the only one here wondering about this MSC...speaking of t-checks...gotta go get it done now...later everyone...
I am new to them as well. I have done one job for them and got a 10. I didn't have to upload a .pdf for that one. I did just request a bunch of shops that do require .pdf uploading, though. So, I guess they do both depending on the client. I hate requesting assignments and waiting to be approved, though. My schedule is always up in the air!
G8r1966 Wrote:
> I find the biggest problem wiht them is that
> everythign has to be converted to a PDF file. My
> computer and printer do not do it automatically
> and I had to go to another website to do it.
> Cutie does not seem to work and there is no
> drop0down on my printing options. Thanks to
> another participant of this forum I was walked
> through the proceedure and able to complete the
> shop.

Yes that is a pain for me too - I am usually on the road and I didn't have the converter on my laptop and just forgot (more than once). Anyway I always upload the receipt and then when they evaluate they tell me to convert in the future. I am not sure why they want the receipts that way but it is a pain for me.

If you go to their home page it says right there that receipts are to be uploaded in the PDF form.


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I just completed a shop for them this afternoon actually. My biggest complaint is that many of the shops are not available to self assign, so sometimes you have to wait to be accepted. And when the deadline is short this can be a pain. Today, however, I was going shopping with a friend at a mall that is too far for me to usually travel to. I hoped online, saw they had a job open, applied, and was accepted within two hours. I have just started doing shops for the them in March, so I haven't gotten paid yet, but overall I have no major complaints.
I have a 10/10 with them and have never had a problem with them. But they use KSS International, so Lorri deactivated me with them for personal reasons. When I contacted Tom (owner) when he was also the MSPA president, he didn't look into it and it went nowhere. Surprise, surprise. Then Lorri posted that I falsified a bank shop, which I've never done for Service Sleuths. So he's allowed her to slander my excellent reputation, which I've worked hard to maintain. I've considered contacting them again. A scheduler friend gave me a contact there but I haven't bothered. It's a hassle since I do a limited number of shops a month. Aside from that, I've always liked working for Service Sleuths. However, I would never accept a shop scheduled through KSS. The self-assign ones, I would though.

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They are a reputable company that has been around a while with a large number of shops of a wide variety in my area. Check out the thread on Volition for more details.

I have performed a few dozen shops for them and find them reasonable to work with. They pay slowly but on schedule.

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I performed two compliance shops with photos for them on the same day - March 2, 2012. I received payment for one of the shops on May 10th. Their shop log says that they paid for the 2nd shop on May 15th. I have triple checked my PayPal account and I never actually received the May 15th payment. I have not changed my e-mail address or my PayPal account. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with this company? Their PayPal payments show as HS Brands International.

05/29/12 UPDATE: I just received my Service Sleuth/HS Brands International missing payment from March 2nd after a nicely worded e-mail and follow-up phone call. It was transferred directly into my PayPal account. Zero balance for March now. :-)

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I always apply through them only, not KSS. Lately they only have the oil changes, so no longer work monthly for them. They also have a casino, but
haven't done it. Editors are fine and ratings given fairly.

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