Company list per US State or location

I notice several threads requesting ‘shops in my area’ and with hundreds of companies out there it can be very time consuming to sign up to a lot of them. Only after signing up with them can you do a job search and see if anything is available in your state. With some companies, I emailed them and asked if they have shops in my state and to date not one of those companies has replied.

How about a US State list option on the ‘Goto’ bar with all the states listed. Wouldn’t a drop down ‘State’ option be great? Of course, options for other countries such as Canada, UK etc. could be added too.

This would probably be a lot of work for Jacob to set up in the beginning but once the location list was there, we, the members could add the shops that service the locations. And what if you were going on vacation and wanted to try a few shops in a new location.

I think all members would really benefit. What do you think?

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I like the idea, all the sassie listed companies do have a state drop down to help search for your state. some companies you will have to sign up with to see if they offer your state, but remember companies change the areas they work in all the time. Also the stores and shopped companies change shopping companies to.
This is a great idea but an impossible one. I am sorry to say anyone interested in MSing will have to register with many companies, at least 75 or so, to find a reasonable amount of work in their area
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