Grocery Shop--WWYD

So I got a couple grocery shops for my favorite grocery store. Yay! The pay isn't great, but if I'm going to be there anyway, might as well.

Anyway, my question is this. I usually grocery shop with my toddler. I bring snacks for him and as a result he behaves pretty well. winking smiley The shop guideliens don't prohibit taking anyone with me. Would I be okay doing the shop while I have my toddler there? The shop looks pretty basic and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a problem following the guidelines.


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as long as you get all of the information and arent distracted during the interactions you are fine.

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I agree with techman01. But, if you're concerned whether or not it's ok, why not ask the scheduler? If your scheduler says yes, then you're in the clear. If they say no, then you have to decide how you're going to handle it.

I'm sure you're thinking it's easier to get admonished than get permission if you're caught. But, if you know you're in the clear, you can do the shop without second guessing the outcome if it turns out you were supposed to do it alone.

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I often take my kids on grocery shops because I can. Sometimes my first interaction can be to get them a side of fries to snack on while we make the tour. If the place is small enough, the f=hot foods and deli might be the same counter.
Agree, use your own judgement. The schedulers do not have to know every personal detail of your shop.
It would look more normal to shop with a kid...who would even suspect you as a Mystery Shopper? Yes, you should check with your scheduler, but ensure that you emphasize how well behaved...and, NEVER tell you child what you are up to, they have an insidious way of blurting things out at the perfectly wrong moment!
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