Help w/ Service Sleuth--I may have screwed up

I was assigned a shop with Service Sleuth. I was not assigned a specific day; the shop guidelines said anytime between 7/27 and 8/5. I originally planned on shopping 7/28, and as I usually do, filled in the preliminary information in the report. Such performed, telephone evaluation, etc.

I then was unable to make it on 7/28 and figured, since it can be performed any date before 8/5, to do it a different date. I edited the report and removed the "date performed", but kept the telephone evaluation section.

Today I got an email from Service Sleuth saying my report is past due and I need to finish it by 4pm. I emailed back and explained what happened. She replied to say that I needed to contact my scheduler, because "someone else may be scheduled for those dates." I emailed back again and reiterated that *I* was scheduled for those dates, and asked if I still need to contact the scheduler. I haven't heard back yet.

So...did I screw up here? Do you think they'll remove me from the shop and label me a flake? Should I email the scheduler and beg for mercy? I really thought it would be perfectly fine to do it on a different date (as long as it was before the due date) since I was scheduled for a time frame rather than a particular date.

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By all means, email the scheduler and explain, saying that you were merely trying to reschedule, not to cancel, and ask if that is possible.

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If I were in your shoes, I would change the date on my report to 8/5 or the date I plan to make the physical visit AND contact my scheduler ASAP.
Good news, the scheduler took care of things. She re-set my report so it doesn't show a date and said that I can do teh shop any date now.

Note to self: Do not put a date on a shop until I'm SURE I'm doing it that day!
They do schedulr others to shop, so, yes, they need to know when to expect shop, but scheduler will always work with you, they just need to know of changes.

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ALWAYS stay in touch with the scheduler with any issue with a shop. They are the ones that handle all issues like this. That is their job.I think this is Sassie and note that there is a help/contact message deal on your shop page. Next time it will be easier.
Who you you contact if you would like more information about a service sleuth shop before you commit to it? I have never done a shop for them, but there is one near me I am interested in.


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I'm a newbie and I watch the posts to see who people shop with and their experiences, I saw this post and thought I'd take a look at Service Sleuth.
It happened that the first thing up on google was the shopper login page, I hit that thinking there would be a new shopper link. The link was there but my eye caught a notice that said shops completed in May 2012 were paid Aug 2nd! Eeeek!
Is that typical?
Can anyone explain to me why the schedulers insist on setting an exact date for the shop? If we accept a shop scheduled between the 5th and the 20th, we should have until the 20th to complete it.

When I accept some shops, I will only say it will be done by midnight on the 20th. My schedule changes and If I can remain flexible, it helps me be more profitable. Some times they will accept my commitment to complete anytime between now and then. Some times they will not.

It is still an issue of them getting to know us and vice versa.

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I also prefer to have a "window" of time during which I can schedule shops so I can combine close-together shops to save time and gas. Most schedulers prefer to have a definite date. I suppose it is to lock you in to a date and time frame and they are then more certain the shop will be done. I like the ones that give me a little flexibility.
I had to smile a couple of weeks ago when a hotel shop that had a due date of any day from the 1-25 of the month suddenly showed up with urgent requests that it needed to be done immediately do to a shopper flake. I had asked if I could do it between the 13th and the 20th and would let them know an exact date once I was able to set up a route. They refused because they wanted an exact date right away. I wasn't available when the emergency request came out, but I can tell you, I have completed every job I have agreed to in the last 4.5 years. A couple did need to be rescheduled, but would have done.

Since it is the hotel only with no pay, I couldn't risk not having a few other shops lined up. However, it is the easiest hotel report I have every seen. I have done it before at other locations and both times got feedback that my reports were great.
Kriscor Wrote:
> I'm a newbie and said shops
> completed in May 2012 were paid Aug 2nd! Eeeek!
> Is that typical?

This is typical for any MSC that states their payout is 90 days. And sherlock sleuth is one. Do their shops accordingly!!!
sojo917 wrote:

"This is typical for any MSC that states their payout is 90 days. And sherlock sleuth is one. Do their shops accordingly!!!"

Actually I meant that they actually had to post it on their login screen, if its 90 its 90 but the need to post a message that they paid their shops that were due - again EEEEK!!
Many clients cannot be shopped on the same day or consecutive days so your days are important if they are scheduling more than one shopper to that location.

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