Anyone done Harland Clarke Financial shop?

Some of the shops in my area are getting up to $40 per shop. Thinking there might be a reason no one is taking....

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I like the people at HC but their forms and processes are, IMO, a bit behind the technology used by most MSCs. You must also invoice them to get paid.
I love working with Harland Clarke! Once you get the hang of the narrative-heavy reporting, the pay is good for the work (especially as the month goes on and the rates increase). Pay is prompt (via mailed check), and the staff is great. Yes, reporting is a bit old-fashioned (reports are typed into a Word document and then emailed), but I have nothing bad to say about HC.
I have done a few shops for them years ago. They were easy. I would gladly do them again, but they aren't offering them to me. I am a great shopper, so I have no idea why sad smiley The starting pay is great. I don't think I ever did a bonused one.

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There reports are now online so they caught up with technology. You still have to email collateral and business card. They are wonderful!!! Yes, it is narrative heavy.

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I've done three shops with them. My first was a three part shop and all three parts came back because I didn't address every single question in the narrative. Make sure you address every single question even if the answer was yes. The onside portion takes like 15 minutes. THe report takes longer. I wish they had more stuff in my area. I don't mind sitting on my couch writing the report. I hate car dealerships because the onside portion takes forever!
Many years ago, their reports were on paper that you had to snail mail to them, filling out every entry.

smiling smiley Jamie
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When I started with them five years ago, the report was emailed and I typed it in by typewriter. It is so much easier online. You need to write the report play by play, as well as everything you checkmarked on the report.

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~Polish Proverb~
I did my first three in one day last month and have two coming up this week which have dress code instructions. But at least they're much closer to home than the first three. They also paid in less than 3 weeks for the first three.
Love them! They pay well, the schedulers are accessible and checks arrive swiftly. Highly recommended.
I did the 3 part one about 3 months ago. I got paid within a month I believe. I forget if it was $70 or $75, check came in the mail. It was fairly easy, just remember to cover everything in your narrative sections. The staff answers your questions without making you feel like you're not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I like them.
I have done many of their shops. They are great to work with and pay fast by check.

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