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I've never heard of them.....and I've never heard of a scheduler needing to meet you, very unusual.

Live consciously....
I actually had to meet with execs from a large, very well known MS plus reps from the super luxe company a few years ago when they were starting a with a new high end Euro client. They were obviously looking for MS'ers who could play the part of a wealthy shopper. I met them and they were impressed...I ended up doing a bunch of shops for them...very easy. They were happy, I was happy.
Chriss Wrote:
> Does anyone know if the company "Ispy4you" is a
> legitimate company.

A website or email address would be very helpful.

There are companies with similar names and, IIRC, a scheduler that has "Ispy4you" or something similar as part of her email address.
They pay quickly and respond fast with questions. I would definitely work with them again. Very nice! Hope this helps...


About Us

Core Research, Inc. started in 2003 as I-Spy Mystery Shoppers to provide feedback to business owners concerning employee performance and behavior. I-Spy Mystery Shoppers evolved into Core Research, Inc. in June of 2011.

By 2011 our services had expanded to include multiple forms of employee performance and compliance research as well as customer satisfaction feedback.

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