Grocery Store Shops

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Only if you know where most of the 50 items to find are in a large grocery store. Then, for any you can't find you have to detail where you looked and what you found. For example, if you searched for a certain brand name cereal in a 14.5 oz box and they had five cereals from that company in 14 oz boxes in the cereal aisle and 3 cereals in 10 oz boxes in the natural food section, you must detail it. My only grocery shop took nearly two hours and I had not found 15 items. Then, when entering the report, the details didn't fit in the space allotted! So I had to submit those details in response to a letter saying I didn't follow instructions correctly.

The company was one of the ones listed above and, in fairness, I didn't know the store layout very well and they paid in full.

Good luck!

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
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