Grocery Store Shops in NC

Hi Everyone,

I am a new shopper in the Greenville, NC area. I am looking for companies that have grocery store clients in the area (not the actual clients, just companies that supply the area). Can anyone give some advice?


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Welcome to the forum, wby2016. If you have mystery shopped, and spent any time reading the posts here, you certainly know the drill. Sign with all MSPs you can find. Reading the forum can provide some clues. Additionally, there's a Mystery Shopping Job Board section of the forum, where MSPs post available assignments.

In some locations, this is a highly competitive business, in a weak economy. Many shoppers have no intention of providing information that could lead to less bread and butter on their plates.

Grocery stores are shopped in your citysmiling smiley That's the good news, right? There's an Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies on each page of the forum. Have at it and good luck!!
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