Beyond Hello

I did my first shop for them yesterday. Within about an hour I got a score of 10. That was too quick!! I have to ask.........does everyone get a 10? Do you think they even read it?


Silver certified, I shop in Cities in NM and TX that no one has ever heard of.

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Yes they read them. Congratulations. But don't get too confident.
You mignt do that same shop next month with the same level of detail and get an 8!
The company has high standards and high grades aren't handed out as easily as some of the other companies.
You must have done a great job.

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Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just forget to load the film.
They definitely check reports and getting a 9/10 is great. That was quickly graded, must have needed report. BH won't use
you for a job if report is not accepted, there sticklers about that. They also take forever assigning.

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Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I did my first shop ever for them and I got a score of 10 back from them fairly quickly. I look forward to shopping for them again!
My first score was 10, then a 9 and an 8.
I was really starting to worry as I believed to have given the same amount of detail on all 3. Then another two scores came in at 10 each, so I am guessing it must be different editors. It's been 10s or 9s since.
Some shops were scored in a matter of days some took weeks.
It is the end of the month so they are probably editing the reports ASAP.

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Yes, for one whole year I go 10 and "Superior." Suddenly, they had to contact me for something already on the report and I got 8. When I told them about it, I got 9 with a very long explanation about why I did not get 10. I have been getting the same note and my average is now 9 but I have not been doing anything much for them. So, it really depends on the
editor, most of the time. I am not even paying attention to the grade anymore.
Does the higher the score mean more jobs, or just a confidence builder. Mine is 9, but as long as the deposit are made I dont care if its a 6.
High score does NOT mean better jobs with them....I am having trouble getting many jobs and I have a 9...I think they are
limiting jobs to old time workers, they do have an age requirement on their upscale retail, and I do those for 3 other MSC's,
they are the toughest. I wonder if after so many, your 86'd.

Live consciously....
Curious -they give you a grade immediately but is it accompanied with a check/payment immediately?
Your rating and number of shops does often correlate to better jobs for many MSCs, and at least for some, the length of time you've been registered. Specifically in terms of Beyond Hello, in the last year, I've been assigned many high-end shops for which I was not previously considered. Sometimes it takes awhile, and of course, the kind of jobs also depends on your area of the country.
Pay is slower than accepting reports, and I disagree with above poster, as I've been with them for over 5 years (one of my first),
they do have tons of shoppers, so can afford to be choosy.

Live consciously....
Irene, you seem to be agreeing rather than disagreeing. Yes, they absolutely can afford to be choosy. And when given a choice, a coveted, well-paying shop will likely be assigned to a shopper with a better track record.
Irene_L.A. Wrote:
> Pay is slower than accepting reports, and I
> disagree with above poster, as I've been with them
> for over 5 years (one of my first),
> they do have tons of shoppers, so can afford to be
> choosy.

grinning smiley Yah - I kinda of thought so. Just my way of making a point. So what's the big deal about getting a rating so quick?
The big deal would be if the check was that quick !

By the way Irene, I need to thank you for a tip off a while back. You posted about Helion not paying I believe.

Lately they're sending me offers, which I'm deleting. I tend to like being paid for my work. So thanks again.
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