"Where Shopping is a Pleasure" Grocery Chain

Can anyone PM me with a hint about which company shops this chain based in FL? I'm in AL looking for grocery shops. I'm signed up with lots of companies and think that maybe they go so quick that I have missed them. Someone please help.

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"Posting Guidelines: Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies."

Why are you asking someone to violate these and their independent contractor's agreements? Most ICA's forbid revealing clients and they are a legally binding contract.

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I didn't ask anyone to post the name of companies on this forum. I'm not even asking for the names of companies; I'm just asking for a hint. I didn't know that it was wrong and there are many threads where people are pming each other with hints.
and people are suspicous of anyone who comes on here and asks without a posting history, and most of the time, rightly so..

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Sorry Techman. I'm just not a poster. I have been on this board for a year and a half and I have done many shops in the last 3 years. Sorry if I offended anyone.
It's not really offense, kimmie, at least not in my opinion, it's more... frustration. These posts happen a lot and in all fairness, while you've been here a year and a half (I lurked/read for that long myself, so I can sympathize), you haven't helped contribute to the board, if you can understand what I'm saying. If you go back, do a search on "grocery" and "all dates" (I am not all that great with the search feature, but that's at least a place to start) you can probably find a whole bunch of information. That, and I always tell people to go out to Google, do a search on "Who mystery shops X store" and see what you find. You might be surprised.

Also in fairness, I'm trying to think of what someone here would do when people ask for hints to things like this. The IC says we cannot state the client and the store, so ... I can tell you that the company is bigger than a bread box, but other than that... hehe. I'm not sure what I could really say to get you to guess the right place!

I hope you're able to find what you're looking for and I hope you stick around, add your opinions, thoughts, experiences to the forum, too! =D

Sending the best,

Like Jen said, try Google, it's a great help. Also, if that doesn't work, try calling the actually store headquarters OR franchise headquarters and asking there. It may take some work to find the right answer, but they will usually tell you.

Some stores are shopped only by the corporate office, some by only the franchise office, and some by both. A little detective work and you can probably find your answer.
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