What does anyone know about them. I received a unsolicated email form them. It stated I applied for the company in 2006 or later. Which I might have but just curious. The email was not asking me to forward any money of anything.. But still not sure about the company.

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Click on the link under your post for some recent discussion. To get more, use the "Search" function and select "all dates" - search for both SQM and Sensors Quality Management.
I've been working for them since 1999 and they're a great company. They have interesting assignments and they always pay on time.
I have done a limited work for them, but they've always been quick to answer questions via email. They pay when they say they're going to. Had a couple of issues on shops that have been beyond my control and I know was some other companies there's a possibility that part or all of my pay would've been disallowed. The response has been to work with me as a shopper and make sure that I was fully paid.
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