TEXAS ROADHOUSE :Is it shopped ????

Is Texas Roadhouse shopped???

If so,how is the shop fee and/or reimbursement???

And please private message me any hints on which company shops it ....they are taking over the defunct Boulder Creek restaurant location in Yonkers, NY.

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Yes, I did two or three in the past year. The reimbursement is $35 which just about covers a nice dinner for two people. They also have a $25 reimbursement shop but you must sit at the bar. I think you can shop every 90 days. The form is a bit lengthy, but not too difficult.
The constant breaking of ICAs is one reason why many companies have stopped posting on this board.

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Kompsos--hints are OK, but you may not post the NAMES of the MSP and client in the same thread. Please edit your post.

Arch--We have too many newbies on this board who fall into that trap. But you got what you wanted, another free dinner.
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