I thought getting to the line at the grocery store without a debit card was embarrasing.......

I have discovered that it's even worse when you're there to do a mystery shop! I live 25 miles away from the place too! Fortunately the office was 2 minutes from there so I did a quick trip to hit up petty cash and then went back. Even with my side trip I was down in 40 minutes but still, that sucked!

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I did a FF shop this weekend without my wallet. I was already in the DT when I decided to get the cash ready. I had to drive back home (6 miles) and then back before the time window closed. If it wasnt a big bonus shop I would have flaked. Remember a burger and a bonus, its a good thing.
The other night at Kroger, it was after hours and I was in the self-check lane. It wasn't a mystery shop, but not until all of my coupons had been scanned did I realize that I had left the house with no cash and no credit/debit cards. It was embarrassing, but the cashier over all of the lanes left the order open while I drove home & got my payment. I tied up that particular register for 25 minutes while I drove home & back. The cashier was patient and polite, which I appreciated. Still, I was embarrassed.
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