FEEDBACK: Wholesome green logo grocery chain revised guidelines

Has anybody done the revised shop for the green logo, national wholesome grocery chain??

The fee has increased to $28.00, BUT... you must do a purchase and return in addition to
buying 15 separate grocery items.
Wondering if it is worthwhile, sounds on the surface like a hassle.

Feedback please!!

Thanks much

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If it is the one I think it is, then you couldn't buy 15 things for $28.00. And then to do a return
would make it $14 each.....
Is the fee $28 + reimbursement for the 15 items or is it flat rate? If the former, I wouldn't have a problem with the P&R if you can do it while still in-store since the Cust. Svice sedk is on the way out - just say "oops just got a call from my husband/daughter/imaginary friend - they picked this up on their way home! Sorry!"

ETA I think in my area these shops are sourced to small MSCs that don't accept shopper applications, so I haven't seen them on any boards.

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