Never got paid by Intellishop and not getting a response from them

I did an oil change mystery shop back in August. Unfortunately can't find my copy of the documentation for it. I sort of forgot about it after I did the assignment, but I see now that I never got reimbursed. I've emailed them but haven't gotten a response. Does anyone have any advice?

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If you're not getting a reply via email, try calling. That said, you may have to resubmit documentation, which will obviously be a problem. You should always keep track of your shops and when possible, save a copy of the report. And most definitely, hold onto the receipt!

Do you see the report as completed and graded when you sign into the site?

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Jonnie: I keep a file of every shop w/receipt (plus scanned receipt in my computer) for one year. I realize not everyone does this but at the end of the year, I can look back and then purge all paper copies (except scanned receipt).

I can't imagine not being able to look back, especially if I needed to.

Example: Editor contacted me about a shop in OCTOBER (a week ago) and wanted more verification...That was over 90 days ago but I was able to pull it up. smiling smiley
I file all my finished shops by MSC name and keep them in a small file cabinet (except Maritz, who has a drawer because of all the oversized banking folders). I'm about to box up my 2012 shops and start filing 2013 in there. I will save everything for three years after each tax return is filed in case I am audited. You don't need to buy banker's boxes -- empty copy paper boxes are great for storing old paperwork, you can sometimes get them from copy centers like Kinko's and they have lids. Label them with a felt marker with the year on it and store them somewhere.

I also copy all my recordings to my computer and all my images. They're scattered across three computers at the moment, but when I get time I'll use my backup drive and copy them all to a folder called "Shopping 2012". Since I copy them all the same day as the shop, I can always find them by the date stamp on the file since I don't bother renaming files.

Of course, I'm a bit of a pack rat.....

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
I keep everything for the current and next year and then purge all paper except for receipts and other proofs of services rendered.
Wow that is 30 bucks I would be trying to get as soon as possible. I hope intellishop will pay you what you are owed. Please keep us posted when they pay.
I just agreed to do an oil change shop for them. It pays $55 and is dealership specific. The scheduler called me to confirm. I told her I had concerns about getting paid. She told me that there was a few times during the summer that a previous employee made "accounting errors." She told me not to worry. I need the oil change, so I will see how it goes.
I have the schedulers pertinent info, I can PM it to you, jonnie...Maybe it is different than what you have on file for them.
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