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My family is traveling through the south-east heading to 2 weeks in the Everglades (not quite carpet-baggers, but almost). One shop that we don't have 'back home' is grocery shops; at least I have yet to find them.

I am hoping that someone here would be willing to share the names of any MSCs that do grocery store shops in the south-eastern states. I don't care what store, just in it for the experience (I love to try out new kinds of shops!) smiling smiley

Many thanks for any info you can give!

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If you have not found any grocery shops in your home area, it's almost certainly because you are not signed up with 50-100 MSCs.

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Not necessarily, I am signed up with over 150 and there are no grocery shops in my local area. But when I travel 60 to 90 miles away, I do see a limited number.
There is only two major supermarket chains in the Southeast/Florida. Both are shopped.

walesmaven - not all supermarkets are shopped everywhere so that is not necessarily true.

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It is true that if you are signed up with 150 MSCs you may not see grocery shops because there simply are none in your area. I am signed up with 150 and I see only 2 shopped in my area. But, because I am signed up with 150, and because some of the 150 do have grocery shops in other areas even though they do not have any in my area, I am able to find grocery shops in the areas to which I sometimes travel.

My best advice to blessdx11 would be to research the companies she is signed up with and see if they have grocery shops in the area to which she is going. If she is signed up with at least 100 MSCs, I would bet money that she will find some grocery shops either in her destination area or along the way. Whenever I travel, I look to see what is available in those areas from the companies with whom I'm already signed up.
I'm signed up with a boat load of MSCs and I only see two out of town locations available. I used to shop two large chains that had multiple locations within my rat tracking area. They're no longer available or I don't know who has them.

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Thanks for all the help everyone!
I did find a few thanks to some inside info smiling smiley I think that they just get picked up so fast and/or I was looking at the wrong time...
I sure appreciate everyone that shares their info! smiling smiley
Publix is the major supermarket in Florida and they are shopped every other week. If you're going to be in the panhandle, Keys or Miami area, there are always availability. But, from Tampa Bay area to Orlando, it's a dog eat dog world, first come, first serve.

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