Restaurant and Hotel Shops (Outback,Red lobster etc)

Good Day Shoppers,

Im interested in getting into restaurant shops and hotel shops. i am interested in restaurants like outback steakhouse, red lobster, olive garden and etc. Also i am interested in hotel shops.

If anyone can suggest some companies (except Coyle Hospitality) that do these type of shops..I appreciate it!!!!!!

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I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies."


Before you get flamed for what you logically assume is a reasonable question, let me help you out.

We can't/won't tell you which companies to sign up with because:
-Listing the specific MSC (Mystery Shopping Company) for a client violates our ICA (Independent Contractor Agreement)
-It also violates forum rules
-In a way, helping you is helping a competitor if you're in our same market. Folks are pretty passionate about this and would encourage you to do your own research and apply, apply, apply.

That said, do some research through the search tool, and you should quickly find companies that do the types of assignments you're looking for.

Also, read, read, read. Take advantage of the New Mystery Shoppers area. Read all articles from the user "Flash".

If you lurk for just a bit, I think you'll enjoy your experience on this forum.

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