I have a shop tomorrow, and understand the minimum requirements. Does anyone know if you can purchase additional items as well, or is it just the 1 item? (additional yogurts for the kids)
No response from MSC. Any help would be appreciated!

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You will only be reimbursed (if that's part of the shop) for one item if that's what the instructions say, but be sure it's ok to take kids.
I understand only being reimbursed for mine, but the instructions did not specify no others or kids. Just wondering if anyone else had done one and taken another person or child.
Got a response! You are allowed to take someone, and can have additional items on the receipt. Info for anyone else that might want to know, can now see this in a search!

(only reimbursed for $5)
Nice. I absolutely LOVE Pinkberry, and this MSC. It's a super easy report to me.

Talking tough is easy when it's other people's evil and you're judging what they do and don't believe.
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