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My situation is slightly different than most when it comes to taxes. I already work from home for my current job, and drive a company car and have a home office. Clearly, I cannot double dip.

I'm trying to fill out my Schedule C and I feel like I'm over-complicating it. Do I need to fill this out if I don't need to take deductions for anything? Can I just do my 1040 as normal and add in my 1099's? I despise paying someone to prep my taxes, so I'm wanting to do this myself!

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Put earning from each of your businesses on sperate Schedule C and follow the simple directions for trasferring the resulting bottom lines to your 1040. No, you cannot just enter self-emplyment income on the Form 1040, as that would avoid paying the SE taxes that you will owe.

For an easy solution, just buy TurboTax and follow the interview that it provides. It will insert you answers to the questions into the correct line and forms.

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