My first grocery audit

I took on my first grocery audit...SO not worth $10!
It took about an hour in the store and an hour to do the report and upload/attach images. One employee asked if he could help me. I explained I was doing the audit. His sarcastic response was "So what I should hug you or something?" followed by remarking he should just give me a $5. However, the manager was so nice and bragged that he had never flunked an audit. Sure enough...several items were expired. Ugg! I felt bad handing the items to him. He kept saying he would get his a$$ chewed. Later as I did the report, I realized he had alot of out of stock items. They were in the midst of stocking but...those were empty product slots. Poor guy.

I think I like being a mystery shopper better but I'll give it another go if the assignments are bonused.

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Why would you feel 'bad' because he wasn't doing his job and keeping on top of things?
I'm sure when the other auditors didn't perform their jobs well he wasn't feeling bad.

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I felt bad because he was so nice but you are right in saying I shouldn't. At the end of the day, he didn't do his job and these aren't unexpected audits.
Yeah. You shouldn't feel bad. You're doing your job and he was not. Hang in there. It'll get easier for you. smiling smiley
I really enjoy those audits, however $10 is far too low for the amount of time required.


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Yeah, $10 sounds WAY too low. Sheesh. I know the whole argument around fees being "fair"... but really, MSCs should at least be aware of the true amount of time involved and pay something that's at least close to minimum wage, it seems. I know they don't *have* to, since we're ICs and all, but still...

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I like when I did a grocery audit that involved checking the
freezers etc in the back storage. Of course one of them was
clearly broken because there was ice buildup all around the
cooling fans(and was warm in there) and he tries to tell me it just happened. Had to
get the health dept down there and they made him throw all
the product away since he wouldnt voluntarily do it when I
told him he couldn't sell any of it.

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Canuck Wrote:
> Why would you feel 'bad' because he wasn't doing
> his job and keeping on top of things?

Sometimes this is the fault of the employee, but other times the guilt should be placed on the shoulder of upper management. For instance, at some gas stations I audit, there is always only one person working and almost always a long line. I mean a line that is there continuously for the entire time I am at the location. These locations are usually fairly dirty and do poorly, but it is hardly the fault of the cashier who is there by herself.
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