Retail Grocery Audit - C Store

So I came across a job for a National/Regional C-store audit for Bare that pays pretty well which entails counting product that is "faced" on the front row. How long does this typically take? Is it for one particular product? Several products? Is there more to it than that? (There usually is.) Are they mostly yes/no, narrative. TIA.

Silver Certified, I own my own PV-500, and I do shops in and around the DFW area.

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I haven't seen this in my area. I'd suggest you take a shop and go do it and then come back and let us know. Someone has to be first. smiling smiley

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the instructions say you are going to enter the info
into an excel spreadsheet so I doubt there is narrative.

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I did this for Bare about a year ago. When I got to the C-store there were over 2 dozen cooler doors with 50-100 product facings each, plus a couple of smaller ones scattered around.

I took pics of the facings. It took at least 2 pics per door so that I could read the product labels, including sizes, later. You have to enter every product separately. Not just "coke" - there is 12 oz coke, 16 oz coke, 24 oz coke, are they cans, are they bottles, etc. I had to go through every picture to get the final count for each product. Entering all that into Excel took quite a while.

Then there were several follow up emails from the editor to clarify things. I swore never again.

As always, your milage may vary. smiling smiley
Thank you #19. That was very helpful! I just looked at this shop today and, judging by the simplistic description", combined with the unusually high fee, I figured this was one of those "one and done" shops.


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I have done date code surveys for Coke and know they are not easy. I figured this one from Bare was not a walk in the park.

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