Whole Foods Grocery Audit?

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I've done it for Trader Joe's. I just took a bunch of pictures or ALL the items I needed on my list. It was like 25-30 items? Anyways, I had to extract the average and the most expensive, I recall. The picture taking took about 45 minutes. The data entry took like, 30-45 minutes as well, as I had to sort out and organized the data into a data sheet before entering all my information for the report.

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 31 year old male and willing to travel!

That still may not be so bad, depending on the fee and IF you don't have to do some additional analysis.

I recall the one I did had me find the most expensive and then finding the "standard" or average product. So in essence, there were items like chips where I had to analyze like 8-10 different items of the same thing and extract the information.

I still say your kind of assignment won't be so bad, as I found my camera technique was most useful and I wasn't stuck in the store writing down the information on the spot.

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 31 year old male and willing to travel!
I just did one this weekend. It took me a little over an hour in the store and about 20 minutes at home. Please keep in mind though that this was my first one, and my first time in Whole Foods, so I ended up doing some actual shopping as well.
Most of the items on the list (the list will have 250 items) are brands regular grocery stores carry. So Whole Foods is a little easier because many of those brands just aren't going to be there. It will be obvious too, I'm talking like Bumble Bee tuna, Cheetos, and Chef Boyardee. Things people obsessed with eating healthy wouldnt be caught dead buying in a grocery store.
You email the list back to the scheduler and upload a photo or the flyer or store front as POV in the report. You have almost no narrative or anything in the report itself. Just a description of an employee.
I liked it and have asked to complete another one. I think it's worth the pay.
I've done a few Whole Foods grocery mystery shops, not an audit. It was well worth the pay and reimbursement, but the MSC does everything by phone rather than being able to accept and schedule the assignments online. I like to sit down at my computer to plan my shops, with my calendar and MapQuest handy. I stopped doing them for this reason. Except for the scheduling headache, I would say they are worth it. The first report was a little frustrating but once you know what they want it is a piece of cake.
I do Whole Foods monthly, and find it easy, where Ralphs seem more difficult, but I do them both and find it worthwhile.
I heard they are different in Fl. than in L.A.

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