Steaming after a grocery shop

So, the printed ad says $17 off a turkey "With $25 minimum total purchase." My total at the register was $42 and change, which would be $25+ after the turkey discount. But it didn't ring up that way, and the manager came over to argue with me about the meaning of "total." I pointed out that the ad should have read "With $25 additional purchase," because "total" includes the turkey. He just shook his head and kept saying, "Total. Total." I then told him I didn't want the turkey, and omitted telling him where he could put it.

This happened during a shop today. I'm inclined not to include this interaction in my report, because the choice of words in the ad was a corporate mistake. OTOH, the manager didn't even bother to apologize to me, making it out as though I just didn't understand. I found (and continue to find) that offensive. Words have meaning, and "total" is not equivalent to "additional."

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Be proud of me. I wrote the above (and spoke to the manager) without using the curse words that are in my head.
Shoptilyoudrop Wrote:
> I would have included it in the shop report.

I may. I'm not going to write the report until I've cooled off, though.
I know you must be disappointed. I actually would have assumed the $25 total purchase would have to be made before the purchase of the turkey in order to qualify for the discount. Randall's and HEB run those specials here every Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I always see the advertisement worded as you described, but at both stores it has always worked as the manager described it to you. After purchasing a $25 order, the turkey is added, and you get $XX off the turkey. But the purchase must total $25 before the addition of the turkey in order to get the discount.
Usually here they add the disclaimer "not counting the turkey, liquor, tobacco, milk, or lottery tickets" (milk is often sold below cost in Arizona).

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Mantis, I believe your wording is a better choice: 25 dollar additional purchase required, excluding cigarettes etc etc.

The definition of 'total' is the sum of all. It's math and shouldn't be debatable IMHO.

I think I'd leave the specifics of the interaction out of the report, otherwise it could call attention to you.

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After you submit your report (whether or not you decide to include the rude manager info), you might want to contact the corporate office of the chain. They should be made aware of how confusing/misleading the wording of the ad is. The ads come from corporate and they are ultimately responsible for how the individual stores handle problems. If there are no disclaimers, "total" can be interpreted either way.

That manager was probably sick of explaining it to all the other customers who read it the same way you did, and you ended up the poor sucker who got the brunt of his last nerve being blown. Keep checking. You may find an even better deal on a turkey.
I think I would let the scheduler know what happened and ask their advice whether to include it in the report or not. I do think that you might want to contact corporate regarding the wording.

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Was buying the turkey and using the ad promo part of your shop? If not then don't include it in the report. Only give them what they ask for. Nothing more, nothing less.
I'd be angry too. I read it the same way you did, Mantis. If it was incorrectly worded and the manager didn't have the power to give me the deal anyway, I would at the very least expect a more contrite attitude.

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Look at the bright side, you avoided having to eat turkey nuggets, turkey tacos, etc for the weeks following Thanksgiving....
When I worked in grocery and similar silly ads were printed the customer would ask that I void the turkey, pay for the order and get their coupon, then ring up their turkey and get the discount. If they were not allowed the do both purchases at once, they would do the above, but stop to their card between and go to a different register with their turkey, pretending they were a new customer. Since this is a realistic problem I would say to write up the issue as the grocery store is probably pissing off quite a few "real life" customers and with turkey deals a dime a dozen maybe losing business too.
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