Grocery Store Mystery shop and revealed audits

Did anyone else notice that the purchase reimbursement has dropped from $3 to $1? They are expecting an awful lot of work for $11. Your thoughts?

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You cannot name both the MSC and company. Part of the ICA you signed in order to work with them includes a non-disclosure agreement. Additionally not naming the clients of MSC's is one of the very few rules this forum has.

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There is not an "awful" lot of work, unless the store is non compliant beyond the call of duty. Whether it is $3 or $1 the work is the same. There are three requirement pictures and the rest are non compliant. If you noticed that the reimbursed have changed then you have noticed some of the questions in the survey have done the same.

These shops are frequently bonused. So if need be ....................wait................for the bonus.
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