Have you found a store or restaurant you were looking to shop?

I mean like you didn't know if they were shopped or what company through.

I would love to shop a department store I used to work at. I know they say its a conflict of interest, but I haven't worked there in over 4 years, and I haven't spoken to anybody there in at least 2 years. I don't post anything about MSing to FB either so no one would know that I am doing this. I do need to get an outfit put together so I can do the high profile shops.

Similarly, there are certain restaurant I would love to eat for free at.

Have you ever sought a shop and found it?

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In a way, yes. I live in rural Alberta. I searched to find who mystery shopped the few chains around here.
I stumbled over my own local grocery store and the Dairy Queens. Was glad to find them, but no, I hadn't been looking for them specifically. Anything I have specifically tried to find I have not found yet.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
I have tried to find a shop using some vague mentions I have read in this forum and signed up for the company where the shop might have been but did not find them on the msc site. I did ask the company after I signed up and found that they do in fact have them but not in my part of the country. It was a good try though.
It seems to me a better use of time just to sign up with some more msc and find jobs you might like that are just as good as the one you are searching for.
I have found jobs that I wanted, mostly by accident or by acting on a hunch. There are hints on here if you pay attention. Also it really does work a lot of times to goggle the company name with "Mystery Shopping" in the search.

About the store you used to work for. Does the MSC have a policy against evaluating a former employer? Some do and I wouldn’t try to sneak my way around that. Make sure you read those requirements before you take a job.

"All we want are the facts." Sgt. Joe Friday
I don't mean I would sneak. More like I would ask the recruiter if it really does apply. I would be sad if it meant I couldn't, but on the same note I would be ok with shopping for the competitor.
I know what you mean. It was sad when I found out I couldn't do the Ross Sizing Audits because I worked for them 12 years before.

"All we want are the facts." Sgt. Joe Friday
And I cannot do a wonderful restaurant with a great msc because I played soccer with the owner (who does not seem to be at the location often) 14 years ago.
To find favorite shops I look for hints on the forum and also google the name with mystery shop after it. You would be surprised to find many companies name their mystery shop somewhere if you look for it.
I tried googling the store I worked at and the only one I found to be close was one that you need to pay for: No thanks!
I don't go looking for particular places, but a lot of my favorites are now places I discovered on a shop assignment.
I agree with Austin - some of my most favored places to go are what I discovered through shop assignments - including my personal bank!
Never intentionally looked for who shops a company than found it. But I've been pleasantly surprised a few times when I sign up with an MSC and then realize.. "Hey! This is who shops xxxxx, a business I like going to."

Somewhere in the Midwest, shopping / auditing full time since 2014. Will use PV-500 for food! smiling smiley
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