Funny-Bad restaurant shopping day for me

I had one of the fast food shops where timing is important. The customer in front of me was highly under the influence of something and had the munchies, but not enough money to get what he wanted. So he settled for icecream but wanted to know what kind of candy could be added. Another customer was singing and realized he forgot to order a drink, so cut in right before I started to order. The first "munchie" customer reminded his friend who was playing with the fountain drink machine that he still needed to order and between the two, found another $1.00 in change. Needless to say, my report needed more narrative because the timing was so long.

Then as I was eating and watching everything, two elderly women (80s and 90s) came in. One was hard of hearing and the other could not believe how prices have gone up and they gave the cashier a run for his minimum wage. After much relaying between the one lady and the other, they decided to get the small drink, because they are protesting the prices of the large drink. They told the cashier they thought it was a trick to offer those large drinks when there were free refills on the small.....I had to keep shoving food in my mouth so that I would not laugh. It could have been in a sitcom somewhere.

Then I made a newbie error on my reporting and am not even sure I will get paid. At least it was entertaining!

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@andilea3 wrote:

They told the cashier they thought it was a trick to offer those large drinks when there were free refills on the small.....

If it is the place it almost sounds like, please tell me the large is actually the same price as the small.....
"We feel that time is excessive, please explain."

1. Customer in front of me took a long time to order.

2. Customer in front of me was possibly "high" and took an extra long time to order.

3. Customer in front of me did not have enough money to pay for what he wanted, so he ordered ice cream.

3. Customer behind me, cut in front of me, while singing, so he could order. smiling smiley
Then there are "senior drinks" available IF you ask for it. The cashier could have offered that.

Today I Will Choose Joy!

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Heck I had fun at my food shop today. Pull up to order board and of course get the Hi would you like to try our new (forget name of hamburger). I ask what is on it and at the third item I am yelling stop stop as I throwup a little in the back of my throat. Oh god a hamburger with a hotdog and fritos on stomach has been upset all night just thinking about it. Grosser than the cheesburger pizza that papa murpheys offered a couple of years ago.
Why can't people just eat normal food anymore!!!!!!! Oh and I don't know why Americans are so fat! That sandwich probably had enough calories for 3 days!
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