What 3 questions to ask grocery store employees.

I am considering completing some grocery store employee review shops. I am just now sure what to ask the employees, other than where to find a certain item in the store?

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Some MSPs are very specific about what you ask so I am assuming you are not doing one of their shops. Otherwise, in bakery ask about whether they have baked goods for a specific medical condition (gluten free, peanut allergies, low salt, diabetic, etc.) because of a guest you will have visiting in a few weeks. Produce ask about how to pick a ripe _____ or one that will be ready in 2-3 days or how to prepare a ____. Meat ask about how to prepare something you have never cooked before (corned beef, ribs, ox tails, beef liver, etc.) In seafood ask how to prepare something. Grocery ask if they have an area where they have products for a specific medical condition because of a guest you will have visiting in a few weeks. (If you have coupons good on a specific size and they don't have it, ask if they carry the product in the size you need for the coupon.) Pharmacy ask when the flu shot for the upcoming winter will be available.
Bakery also what size cake to feed 8-10 people, how do make that bread, how do you make that cake? Deli how much pasta salad to feed 8-10 people, how is the roast turkey different from the smoked? Produce any locally grown items or organic questions. Meat how do you cook that, is that farm raised or wild caught? Center store - what is a good barbecue sauce, salad dressing etc.
In almost any department you can ask if they do party trays/catering and what the lead times are. How much for x number of guest, etc. For floral ask about longest lasting blooms, lead time for arrangements, what works best for centerpieces. I always ask for an unusual item in grocery, polenta in roll, aborrio rice, isreali couscous, mirin are all good examples. In produce I ask how to tell a juicy lime. I also ask if they know how to slice a mango. Ask meat or seafood how much they suggest for a party and an economical choice. Ask ingredients in salads in the deli. Ask dairy about what makes Greek yogurt different, is there such a thing as vegan milk and cheese. There is a whole thread about pharmacy and customer service. One of my favorite pharmacy questions is about bandages or bandage covers that are waterproof for after surgery.

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