grocery store merger

This was on facebook:

Ahold: Grocery Chain Agrees to Delhaize Group Merger, Company Says
Ahold operates Stop & Shop, Giant, Peapod and Martin's. Delhaize runs Food Lion and Hannaford. The merger is worth $29 billion as of Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reports.

I haven't seen Stop and Shop shopped in a year or Food Lion shopped (there aren't any in my area)

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The Giant Carlisle and Giant Landover shops stopped (as far as I can tell) about 18 months ago. I liked doing them, particularly when I could manage to accumulate nice gas rewards. My best gas reward got the price down to $0.19/gallon. That was for Giant Carlisle which has their own gas stations. The Giant Landover gas rewards program was pretty poor and used Exxon (I think) stations. I think I made (saved) more money on that tank of gas than the fee for a shop. Actually, I am sure that is true.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
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