Stop & Shop grocery stores

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They stopped a couple years ago, but I think it was involved in a merger with another company...I don't know which company is actually going to be the parent company...or if the other company did mystery shops
Thought that Dutch Ahold or whatever it's called still owns Stop and Shop???
I too, miss doing their shops...did not know about any other merger.
Stop and Shop is owned by Ahold. Ahold and Delhaize are merging and the combined company will be called Ahold Delhaize. One of the chains that Delhaize owns in Hannaford, a chain in New England. My feeling is after the merger, the names of the chains the two companies own will remain the same. Stop and Shop stopped their mystery shopping program a year or so ago. Hannaford is not shopped. So I don't think the merged company will have a mystery shopping program.
Ahold owns Stop & Shop as well as Giant (Landover) and Giant (Carlisle). All three used to be shopped, and I did all three of them (no, their territories do not overlap, but they butt up next to each other. They stopped the shopping program at least a year ago. I think that it is unlikely that the merger of Ahold with Delhaize will result in a return of the shopping program. Delhaize used to have Bottom Dollar Food Stores shopped, but they stopped that abut 3 years ago, and then closed the chain. About 30 Bottom Dollar locations in PA and NJ were bought recently by Aldi, which is re-branding and reopening them. Aldi also owns Trader Joes, at the opposite end of the food chain (in terms of positioning and clientele).

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
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