Beyond Hello sending out jobs two days before they are due?

I checked jobslinger and Beyond Hello posted two jobs that I would like to do. However it was posted on Thur July 23 and the due day is on Sat July 25.

Is this common for Beyond Hello (or any other companies) to do this at the last minute? It also says that my shopper rating must be an 8. Since I have never worked for them before may I assign the shop

Also I have read mixed reviews on BH..

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I think any MSC is going to get mixed reviews. To answer your question, though...yes, it's common for MSCs to send out e-mails very shortly before the jobs are due. Sometimes, the people who were originally scheduled to perform the shops cancel, no-show, or otherwise mess up the project. Other times, the schedulers might not have been able to fill that shop in the first place.
Oh, and about your shopper rating.....if you want to do the jobs, I would go ahead and apply for them. Even if you don't get assigned, this will help you to establish a relationship with BH's schedulers. They may also look the other way on you not having a shopper rating yet because of the fact that they are trying to get that particular job done. Several of my first jobs with different MSCs were jobs which required certain ratings, and for some of them, the schedulers were even the ones who contacted me.
Thanks.. The way I look at it when you apply for a job someplace they want people with experience.. I can understand they want people with experience but how can you gain the experience if they don't give you an chance smiling smiley

Thanks again for the information
The guidelines had this.

*In order to be eligible for this project, you must first review the information, watch a presentation, and pass an online quiz. Please contact us for more information.

I went to the main log in page and it doesn't say that there are any online quiz. I would like to go ahead and take the on line quiz so I can do this shop next time smiling smiley
I would check the shop description and the actual form you have to submit....sometimes, there will be a link there. Not all MSCs have their quizzes on the main page. It sounds like you may have to contact the scheduler to access this one.

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I saw this posting with them too and was curious about the pay. I saw a fee and an "extra expense" of $3 but I didn't see any post of the reimbursement for the meal. Do they not also pay for the food? I only shopped for them once before and they reimbursed me for my meal and stated in the description that they would.
I love this place that is shop and I am always in the area.. Depending on what I get, it usually runs me between $ 5 and $ 8..

I also saw the $ 3 extra expense..
So the $5-$8 comes out of the shopper's $12 fee? (at least that's what's being offered in my area)
Well I just applied for one! I'll let you know if I find out any more if/when it's approved! smiling smiley
In regards to the menu audits, the $12 fee ones aren't worth the time... Doing the data entry takes time, where as the $5 one's require absolutely no data entry from the shoppers. Easy choice when choosing between the two kinds of shops.

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Well this one was not listed as a menu audit--it stated that it was a drive thru shop. Since they still haven't approved my shop (and it's only 2 hours away) I think I'm going to have to cancel my app. Guess they aren't that desperate for shoppers!
Mine says apply. I cancelled the lunch shop app and submitted one for the dinner hours so we'll see...
I don't think that MSC is open on weekends so there is a good chance that it won't be assigned at all until Monday.
On this one, one of the requirements is to add a "side item" . Would you guys say that a cookie counts as a side item?
Technically anything you put on the side of another item could be a "side item". Here I have the fast food burger and on the side... another burger!

I'd guess it will come down to the shop instructions when (if) you get them.

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Read the thread "New Treats Shops", I am sure we are talking about the same "study". Apparently they are just assigning enough shops to complete the study and leaving the rest of us hanging.
I'm new to this whole mystery shopping thing but I just don't understand how companies that have people out shopping on the weekends don't have someone at least on call during the weekends. The shop mentioned above only has a day listed today. If they really wanted this location shopped today, doesn't it make sense that they would have someone that could respond to a request for it?
The info on the shops say that "this is a heavily sampled project, which means that not all the locations available need to be completed. Assignments will be removed as quotas are filled. If you are not contacted about your application it is because the quotas have already been completed". So I assume that the quotas have been filled and eventually they will delete the application.
@snoopycoupon wrote:

I was assigned 5 or 6 of these...

Cool, let us know how they go

Shopper in California's Bay Area
I was assigned 9. I did other drive-thru audits for them and loved it. This was different, and "timing is the most important part of the project." Very time consuming, and reporting should have been easy, but wasn't, apparently. Have to park and observe another vehicle. Yes, your food comes out of your 15 -- must purchase entree, side and drink. The only way to make somewhat of a profit is to get kids meals. Every "special request" is supposed to be different; not easy at the Asian place. They did not get back to me for two weeks after I submitted reports (soon after I left for vacation).

The video instructions are clear, but if you report that way, they will keep sending it back to you asking you to change the times. (If they want it changed, and I don't want to lie, I don't know why they don't just change it themselves.)

So, my advice if you want to do it for the meal: Go early; Eat while you work on the second half; Try one before you sign up for more; Plan on being available for two to three weeks after you submit your reports; Be prepared to fudge. Just my $.02.
I guess the shops were only for pre qualified shoppers as they do not provide a way to view the briefing and video. Based on posts here they set no limits, allowing a few people to snag all the shops up. All in all, very inefficient process.

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Agreed ^^ I always thought that if I wasn't qualified for a shop it wouldn't show up in my job list. I had some TERRIBLE shops today (NEVER doing a tedious, low paying grocery shop again!!). Kind of glad I didn't have one more to do! smiling smiley
I guess I had it easy because mine didn't take long to complete and the input was really straightforward. I'd actually love more of them.
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