Grocery Perishable Audits

Anyone do these? Are they difficult? There's one by me that is offering double what they usually do.

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I've done them for $60 + reimbursement and don't consider them unless they call with an offer. It's a lot of time and walking around the store, but not difficult...just time consuming.

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I've only done one so far, for $50 plus reimbursement. I need to judge the size of the store before I agree. Some of the larger stores I wouldn't touch with a 10 ft pole. The one I did was a medium size store and I was done in about 90 minutes. If you don't mind being on your feet for that long, it shouldn't be an issue.
I've done 4 so far and only the 1st one took me 2 hours, the other 3 were 90 minutes or less. Wasn't bad for the fee and reimbursement. Did a good amount of food shopping on 4 reimbursements. smiling smiley
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