Easiest Grocery Store Shops for MCs

Which are your favorite MCs for Grocery store shops? I have thought about applying for Trendsource and wonder if it'll be easy as well as a few others. I saw one where I had to observe 3 different associates and what they were doing, looking for out of stock items, etc? I don't mind this but wonder if there are a lot of narrative involved. Let me know your thoughts.

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My favorite MSPs for grocery store shops are any that have shops in my area and that varies from time to time. Some require narrative, some require only a comment or two under certain situations. Some have a bunch of interactions, some have very few interactions. Unless you are in my backyard my list of useful MSPs for grocery shops would be different than yours because of the regionality of stores. That you see some with Trendsource tells me you are not in my backyard.
Shops in my area entail stopping to interact with someone in each and every department. A large store can take forty-five minutes, by the time you have gone to the hot-foods, deli, bakery, floral shop, wine department, customer service, c-store, and so forth. Going on a sample day is helpful because it's easy to walk up, enjoy a tidbit on a toothpick, and ask "what's in this?" The small stores in my area require fewer interactions because there are few departments, but it can be awkward to ask the location of something when there are only three aisles.

It helps to look at the flyers first and create your shopping list on departments you have to hit. Sometimes a chain will have a really good deal on something you use a lot of, so why not plan to get a couple at each store on a route?

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