Intellishop Car Dealership Shop Woes

So, awhile ago, I had done a few dealership shops at an American Luxury Dealer for a different MSC. Every time I did that shop, I would get the same salesman. Eventually, I recused myself from taking those shops because I was pretty sure he was on to me. (I am still elligible for them)

Today, I am supposed to go to a Japanese Dealership for Intellishop. The dealership is owned by the same company that owns the American Luxury Dealership. This one is in a different building.

Yesterday, I sent my required email to today's dealership and was very careful to not include my phone number. Well, wouldn't you know it, I got a phone call from THE SAME SALESMAN about my inquiry, wanting to set an appointment for a test drive. I set one for today but, as the day goes on I feel more and more uneasy about it. The salesman even told me I would have to go to the American Luxury Dealership to get him.

I think I should probably abort the shop, as I feel pretty confident this guy knows who I am. That said, I can't get any response from Intellishop at all. I really don't know what to do.

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Don't do the shop. Why can't car dealerships just stick to one brand?

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I would send Intellishop roughly the same information you gave here and indicate that you believe you should not do the shop.
I sent them an email saying the same and told them that I was uncomfortable with the situation. I explained that, if they felt I should proceed, I would reschedule and do it anyway and that I welcomed any advice they had about if and how to proceed. I did call the salesperson today and cancelled the appointment and I did not do the shop.

Hopefully, I'll hear back from the scheduler in the next few days/Monday.
You used the same email address so they matched you up. From their point of view, you will be better served by the sales associate that already knows your needs. If that associate feels they do not know the other product well enough, the associate would have the choice to pass you on. I know three of our manufacturers lines very well, I'm a professional. As long as your story line doesn't change, the associate just assumes you are someone taking time before a major investment.

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I got a follow up email from the scheduler this morning, thanking me for doing the right thing and cancelling the shop without penalty. (Which is what I was worried about; I don't want a "flake"winking smiley

Thanks all for the advice to "follow my gut." You were right!
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