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I did a grocery store shop in early February. One of the requirements is to shop and place an order in the deli. When I arrived the deli and adjoined bakery were closed. How do I know, noone was present and the lights were off. I said to myself, I should take a picture because they may question it since the deli is supposed to close at 8:00. But I did report that in the shop notes.

Sure enough the MS. company sent an email and asked if I were 100% sure the deli was closed because the store says the deli closes at 9:00. Well the deli signs, in each of the stores, all say that the deli closes at 8:00 pm. I'm guessing the associate who was supposed to work the deli, shu tthe lights off and went ot the back to finish cleaning up so they wouldn't have to assist customers and dirty up the front end.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

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Specifically, no. There have been occasions where no associate was present in the department. Guidelines would be to circle around and check back in 10 minutes. I have had to do that often enough. Some shops then require a visit to Customer Service to get assistance for the department, as a name and interaction is necessary.

As for the MSP or customer showing different hours of operation than the location, or other pertinent info, I have run into that. Makes you wonder where the wires got crossed.
I've done a grocery store once where the deli was closed. I reported it as it was. I did circle around & come back to the deli about 15 minutes later & it was still closed. I don't specifically remember if the lights were off, but there was definitely no one around.

The particular store I visited was never busy or very well staffed. It closed a couple of months later. So, I know it was an under-performing store & maybe that's why it wasn't questioned.

In any case, I didn't have any problems with my report.
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