Are IntelliShop's pizza shops as easy as they sound?

I did the long, involved photo shops for this client last year. Are these just a simple top view photo of the pizza with the location i.d. and shop i.d. in the pic? The one I'm looking at is reimbursement only, so just wanted to be sure it wasn't more involved than it appears.

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I've done two of those when the bonuses got pretty high. They are very easy, just be sure to take good pics. Use the highest settings on your camera and you should be fine.
Answer to your subject: yes

As @CoffeeQueen said, make sure to use your best camera. Also, I would wait for a bonus, too. Otherwise, it is easy to love these shops if you like their pizza.


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Thank you for the information! They sound a lot easier than when I've done them in the past smiling smiley
Yes, both MSCs who shop that client no longer require the flipped view, now it's top view only. As others stated, make sure to use high settings, but also be careful about no overshadowing and make sure you have the perfect overhead shot.
I think that company also requires you to label each photo and document with a very specific and long name. Read the instructions carefully for that info.
Last two I did, they required 3 photos. Getting the photos onto the shop was very difficult -- some sort of glitch, I suppose. Be sure to take MORE than 3 photos -- stuff happens, you know! Since the ones I did before required only one photo, I just thanked my lucky stars that I had happened to take extra photos!
These are easy shops but from everything I have seen or heard, this company ALWAYS finds something wrong with your report, usually the picture. Mine was the picture, they claimed they had to edit it. When I re-looked at the picture all I could see was a little of my table was in the picture LOL, so you must make sure all you get is the pizza and box, and edit if you have more.
No pizza shops from Intellishop in my neck of the woods. That labeling pizza shop is seen a lot from another MSC (I won't do it, locations not close to me and I have printer woes and don't want to deal with printing out labels which seems very old school and ridiculous to me) and there is another pizza company shopped by another MSC that I haven't done, but am interested in. Nothing from Intellishop, though.
Yes Isaiah, there are two MSCs who do that client. One of them has been doing them for about 12 years or more.

Yes Isaiah, there are two MSCs who do that client. One of them has been doing them for about 12 years or more.

The other MSC seems to have good bonuses quite often in my neck of the woods. I'm not a big fan, but the little girl loves it when I jump on one. I get paid and she get to eat something different than the normal healthy diet we serve around here. It's a win-win for all parties involved.

Yes Isaiah, there are two MSCs who do that client. One of them has been doing them for about 12 years or more.
There are three MSCs that do that client in my area! One does the pickup only; one does delivery only, and one does both plus competitor shops. Used to do these regularly for #2 Son. Much easier photos now,yes, but upload takes. for. ev. er. IMHO.
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