Unrevealed Auto Center Audit with photos from Trendsource

I keep getting urgent pleas to do one of these in my area. They want this done at a place that mostly sells tires. I’ve only been inside the one near me once. I can’t begin to imagine trying to take covert photos in this place.

I was wondering if anybody could tell me what they want from this job. They say they need up to 10 photos. But, when I looked inside the place, it looked like not much more than stacks of tires with a counter for the associates to work from and a bay for installation.

Are the shoppers supposed to interact with an associate or gather pamphlets? There must be something they want besides photos. Right now they are offering $25.00 for one nearby me.

Who does these and what are they like?

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These shops get scooped up as soon as they hit the boards, since you don't have to be a member.

I had my tires done there a year ago. The clerk behind the counter was only behind the counter when he was attending to a customer, if I remember correctly. The other employees were working in the bay fixing the tires. Customers in the waiting area were PO's at the 3+ hour wait.

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I've done several. They are easy. I take the photos with my phone. I just do it like I belong there and try not to look nervous or hesitant. The only ones that are a bit uncomfortable are the ones inside the tire center. The others can be done easily. I've never been questioned...click...click...click..done.. P.S. turn the flash off. No need to call more attention to yourself. I would not use a regular camera. You'd look too obvious and I was told once by a security guard that they don't allow photos in the store. That was for another client years ago. Now everyone takes pictures of everything with their smartphones, so just do it. The report can be entered on the app and then no report at home.

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If this is the one I am thinking of, they are super easy. If they offer assistance, I just say that I am picking someone up and they leave me alone. They are often busy with other customers so they don't even notice me taking a picture. If it is not possible to take the picture, there is a place to explain that on the report.

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Thanks All,
I guess they found someone. It's gone from my Request Page. I may take one sometime if the fee goes up again. But, not for the base rate. I takes more to get me to go into that smelly place again.

Edit: Just to use proper case.

"All we want are the facts." Sgt. Joe Friday

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