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My normally active imagination isn't coming up with a reason why I would want to special order a certain size of a milk item that isn't in stock at the store. I did this same store less than a week before and used the story that the church ladies group was having an event and wanted a certain fruit drink. I don't suppose I dare use that same item again so soon, and I can't think why anyone would feel a need to special order any of the other allowed items. What are the possible reasons one might want to special order lactose free milk or soy milk, in large sizes? The large size is why I went with the church lady story on the fruit drink. In real life, it has never occurred to me to special order anything

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You're the class mom for a Fall Holiday Party for your kid's class and some of the kids are lactose intolerant, so you need a large container of lactose free milk (or some kids are vegans, so you need soy milk).

I agree that the large container is pretty dumb... why not just buy several smaller containers? But maybe it's cheaper to get one big one. I guess you could say you're trying to save the school some money.

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I don't think you really need an elaborate scenario, do you? Can't you just walk in and say, "I sure wish you guys carried lactose-free milk in the 5-gallon vats. Can I special order one?"

My father-in-law special-ordered a case of Wisconsin summer sausage the first year after moving out to Oregon, because he missed his usual brand of summer sausage and couldn't get it out here. He had summer sausage coming out his ears for months. Then he went back and did it again.

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As someone who is lactose intolerant, I was VERY grateful when my local grocery store started carrying the larger containers of lactose free milk. They are only carrying 3/4th gallons for now but hopefully they will eventually start carrying gallons. If I am home and going to the gym everyday (ok, so that's been like a year ago) I went through a half gallon every 2 1/2 days. Also, the stuff will last forever, I've kept a carton in my fridge for well over 3 weeks before and it was still good due to the ultra pasteurization. Buying larger saves money.

When my entire family is at my parents' (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) we will easily go through a half gallon of lactose free milk in a day. Gallons during those times would be very useful.

On a completely unrelated note. The percentage of people who are lactose intolerant is significantly higher than those who are vegan. Why Starbucks continues to add non-milk substitutes but does not offer lactose free milk baffles my tiny brain.

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Oh, lactose free guests for Christmas would make a good story. Too soon to order now, but I'm planning ahead. A whole family of cousins who are lactose intolerant.
Not too early for Thanksgiving though!

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
That's why I'll say Christmas - I'm not supposed to order it, just find out if it can be ordered.
AH! I'm not familiar with the shop, lol.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
I've been working to reduce my carbon footprint and would prefer one large size than several smaller sizes
Being lactose intolerant, I have never tasted the product. My child, on the other hand, can't leave a grocery store without purchasing four or five containers of the product. Milk does not appear to be the same as it used to be. Now, I just use it as a fiber supplementsmiling smiley
Your doctor has recommended it for you/someone. It blends well with the whey protein supplement.

Holiday baking. Granny/Aunty/Cousin Itt has to eat this way.

Helping kid/grandkid/homeschool group with science project. It is scientifically responsible for several kids to repeat the same experiment and compare results among and across raters. You need a lot of product!

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I did a grocery shop and I was to ask for something from a small list of items that they do not carry in stock and see if they would offer to special order it for me.

I almost bust out laughing when they brought me right to the item and it was stocked at this location. This sort of made that section of the questionnaire pointless. I answered in the affirmative that they would have special ordered it for me, as they handed it to me and they had no option on the form for this outcome.

I took a photo of the item on the shelf and the price tag under it and emailed it to the help desk with the job number and explained that they had it in stock.

The shop was approved and I never heard a peep from them. This is an MSC that is known to have trick questions to see if your following the guidelines and is very sneaky in the hidden rating system they use. I almost wonder if this was a test question to see if I was doing the shop as I claimed, or I was just faking it.

More than likely, someone talked this location into carrying the normally non stocked item and it just worked out this way.

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