Income drop due to retirement

So, I am retiring soon and my earned income will drop about 95%. I will make it up through unearned income such as pension, annuities and such. Does income mean earned income, or can it include unearned income?

NOTE: I'm not on the forum every day. If someone comments on my post, I might not reply right away. I've been a shopper since 1991. I've never done any work for a MS company in any other capacity.

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It depends in what context. If you are doing a registration for an MSC, use all income--earned, unearned and even that which is accrued but not realized. So in a good year my income will be no W-2 income, self-employment income, pension money received as well as the growth during the year in my self controlled IRA plans even if I have not taken it out.
Your income is everything you get from any source.

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