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Just wanted to post that Aldi's now accepts credit cards at all locations. I don't carry much cash on me and use my credit card all the time, so I'm glad they are now taking credit cards. Whenever I do an Aldi's shop I have to make sure I have cash on me. This is good news!

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I have just recently learned to appreciate this store. I am pleased to read you post and learn they are part of the program. I have been unable to uncover the MSC that carries this account. Can you please DISCREETLY refer me to where I might look to be successful identifying this account?

WOOPS! Found it. Posted too soon. Thanks for sharing.

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Edited because now there is no need for me tell you we can't tell yousmiling smiley

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Are you 100% sure? Because I get 3% back on food purchases with a credit card. Hooray!!! I wonder if Aldi will count.
they have always taken debit cards for as long as I can you didn't need to have cash....i had actually just gotten my 1st debit card about 10 years ago around the time I started shopping there
I heard about the change yesterday when I was doing my regular shopping. I've been going to Aldi for a long time. Back in the day they only took cash, so I had to remember to stop at the ATM (or get cash back at another store) first. It made it much easier when they started taking debit cards.

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Discreet or not, it is still against forum rules and an ICA violation to link the MSC with the client.
@CeciliaM wrote:

I haven't been to an Aldi in a looooooonnnnng time. Do you guys like it?
I love the produce! smiling smiley
I buy most of my fresh vegetables and some fruit from there. Some spices, like the black pepper in the pepper grinder are a real bargain. I have had good luck with their hams, and smoked turkey. I don't use much canned food, so I can't address that. Dairy is way cheaper than any of the local grocery stores.
I love, love, love Aldi's. They have (German based) delightful chocolate and breads. I do not buy meat there ... although I do once in a while. I got a clothes rack to dry clothes for $8.99. I get t. paper, paper towels for $.49, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cheese, brown rice, pastas, dried beans,"SPECIAL PURCHASES" and milks. I drive 44 miles round trip to shop there. smiling smiley
I forgot to say the shops are easy!! I take all of them I can. A scheduler called me and offered $30 to do a shop nearby ... so of course I said yes. smiling smiley smiling smiley smiling smiley
I don't have a debit card, so I'm thrilled that they now take credit cards. Their produce is great. I buy a big bag of lemons for $3 there, and Publix charges $1 per lemon! I also love their chocolate and marzipan.
I like the store and will go there even if it's not a shop for meat, dairy and snacks. I stay away from most of the produce and I found the bagels were awful.
I shop there....they now have a pound of organic, grass feed, pure ground beef for $6.99, so I pick that up usually once a month. I buy a lot of produce.....their hydroponic lettuce usually sells for around $2.00....the EXACT SAME BRAND & TYPE of lettuce sells down the street at Publix for $3.75, and I like Publix, too! Butter and dairy is cheaper, too! So are the cheeses.
Aldi is my main grocery store and only go to other grocery stores for great sales or the items that Aldi doesn't carry. Their "house" brands are as good as the name brands with just a few exceptions like the Spagettios with meatballs. I never grew out of that guilty pleasure! LOL In some cases I like their brand much more than the national brand. If you are trying to eat healthier, try their Fit & Active products, they are very good.
I went there today because they had the Corned Beef tips for $2.99 as the Wednesday meat special. They put in new CC terminals and naturally the person in front of me could not swipe the card the right way after four tries. The cashier finally grabbed the card and swiped it for them.

Then I get home and have a MS opportunity for them that is not the store MS but a third party company looking for competing items of the same category. Of course the other MSC that shops them does not have any jobs posted for the double dip.
We have several Aldis near me....I do like going there especially after a holiday and you can get certain items at reduced prices.

I get their dairy (regular milk for me soy for my mom), bread, chicken breasts, and tuna on a regular basis....oh yea their garbage bags are a nice bargain too....

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I love Aldi's! I am there once a week for household shopping. I especially love their middle aisle.

The one I shop at is not accepting credit cards, but shoppers will be able to use the chipped cards sometime this year.

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