P.F. Chang's

There is a MSC that has Chang's listed as a client, but I never see the jobs available. Has anyone shopped them and what is expected from you? Just curious, because this is one of my favorite restaurants!

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Years ago they were with a different MSC and were discontinued. I see them listed currently as a client of a particular MSP, but it varies from market to market. The Chang's in my market is not shopped (nor on their list of clients) while the one in a friend's market is listed as a client but has not shown up on their boards.

It may well be that the Chang's shops are being picked off by the MSC staff before they hit the boards. One upscale shop here (not Chang's) was picked off for months before hitting the boards here. It is expensive and awful so now they can't get rid of them, though yes, because of the name I rushed in to grab it as soon as I saw it because it was excellent in another market.
The MSC I know who lists PF Changs has other restaurants I have shopped for them that don't show up on the boards and require tests/training to shop. They are assigned by a scheduler. You may want to contact the MSP and ask if you have a good reputation with them.

I discovered the other 'secret' restaurants by reading a post on Jobslinger from the scheduler and contacting them.
Years ago I shopped PF Changs for one of my favorite mystery shopping companies. I think they had most of the locations, as I shopped them both on the east and west coast. They lost the client (and were told that the client would not be doing any more Mystery Shopping for the time being - although that may or may not have been true) in 2005. I just saw them show up this very month with that same MSP in my market at least. Not sure if they have other markets.

In my experience (5 years ago), the report was straightforward and reasonable. About what one would expect for a mid-scale type restaurant shop like PF Changs.
Would love to do P.F.Chang's...there are many closde to me. Hints!!!

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping....
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