Chevron Customer First - ATM fee for using cash card

When I perform Chevron/Texaco Customer First shops, I always use a Chevron Cash/Gift card for the two purchases. I do this for four reasons:

1. It doesn't tie up money in my bank account.

2. I shop some very rural and shady places. It doesn't give these characters access to any of my bank account information.

3. For the inside purchase, it automatically generates a receipt so it doesn't draw attention to asking for a receipt for $1. Before I started using cash cards, I constantly forgot to ask for a receipt. Nothing draws attention like having to go back inside to ask for the clerk to print out a receipt.

4. And finally, for every $50 in cash cards I buy at Vons/Safeway, I get 10 cents a gallon off a tank if gas up to $1 a gallon. Every little bit helps.

Twice in the past week I have had a Chevron clerk charge me a 50 cent "ATM fee" for using a Chevron cash card to make my purchase in the store. The last one told me they do that with any purchase under $5.

I have several problems with this but I won't go into them yet. Just wondering about your thoughts and if you have had a similar experience.

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I believe I would be contacting the issuer of the gift card. It seems unconscionable to charge you extra for using their branded pre paid product.
I use prepaid credit cards for anything on line, or in a store that seems a bit sketchy. They can only get me for $50 max that way. I have never been charged extra for using them.
I have had this problem before but never with the Chevrons. I believe they don't understand that it is not a debit or credit card.

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