EPMS not getting back to me

I have a shop that I have questions about as I can not reach the target, and no one from EPMS will get back to me regarding the issue. Also, I have called regarding a form I sent in, with no response. I am worried about payment for the shops I have done already, as to be honest, the company seems to be a bit in disarray right now. It seems like whatever is happening with them right now...is not good. I used to shop for them a few years ago, and it was never like this! Any advice?

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I have found that I have better luck emailing folks directly than when I try to go through the system. There are one or two folks who seem to coordinate shops in area that are reasonably responsive. When I do email them directly, I'll often start by saying, "Hi! I've made two attempts over the last two days to contact EPMS through the website, but have not heard back. I am at a standstill with this shop until I get further direction." I've generally gotten pretty good responses from them when I do this.

I also don't think they work a lot on the weekends. (Of course, that's when I always have my most interesting questions.....) I have one right now on hold... The target was difficult to contact, but I managed to do so and made an appointment yesterday morning. I had to use a phone number other than my cell due to shop restrictions. I showed up for the appointment, but the target did not. I called the target when I arrived and left a message I waited more than the required time and left. I started to write up the report. About half through the write-up, I got a message from the target cancelling - she had left the message right about the time I left for the appointment. So, I need to know how EPMS wants me to proceed. I am also asking to be paid for the appointment I already kept - though I do know that this is going to be a discussion....

I expect to get an answer tomorrow.... Though I did get a notice that I was late turning in the shop. (Grr.)

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Thanks, yes..I will try to contact someone directly if I don't hear anything by tomorrow. I also want to know about the status of a shop that I did a week ago, still listed as received...instead of accepted.

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I don't think the approval process is super-fast with them.... I have five that are awaiting acceptance right now.... I don't think they've ever taken more than a week for me, though.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I am having similar frustrations right now. I submitted three shops last month and none have them have left the "received" status. The first was submitted on July 17th! I am also frustrated about a few other things and not being able to reach ANYONE at one place and being forced to tour with a person who was not my target, even though I made an appointment on the phone with my target. Apparently she went to lunch. Lol- I am so tired and wish they would review my reports so I have some clue on how I am doing
Well let me join the choir!!!
Called and my target answered!!! She then placed me on hold and a new person answered. I wanted to scream!!!! When I stated I was on hold for the target, she then put me on hold... Only to come back and say the target is assisting a resident and she will go ahead and help me. I wanted to say no I don't want you!!!! So I dealt with her and emailed Ellis to let them know what happened. Waiting now on further instructions....
I hate targeted shops, they should pay more since it's such a headache.
Ok, I got a response. Not a good one. Shop got taken away. I messed up. But they did respond.
Targeted shops can be a pain, but I do a lot of them anyway.... Just the other day i was making a call (an EPMS shop) and could not understand the name of the person who answered the phone. It sounded similar to the target's name, but I was not sure and it did not seem natural to ask her to repeat it... I did the entire phone interview, including giving her my contact information. I then confirmed her name at the end and... it was not the target.

So... I called back an hour later and cancelled our appointment.... I finally did reach the target later that afternoon and redid the interview. I just had to use different personal information... I have four names, email addresses and phone numbers that I use for these... (blech)

As annoying as this can be, it's part of shopping. EPMS has treated me very well and I have no complaints about the compensation.

I had an EPMS shop recently where I showed for an appointment but the target cancelled very last minute by calling one of my alternate numbers. I explained the situation to the scheduler and was given two options: I could have the shop re-assigned with no negative consequence, or I could try again with a deadline extension and an additional bonus for the trouble. I took the bonus.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Well, I feel a bit better. It looks like all my shops, with the exception of one, have been scheduled for payment. Or at least it no longer says "pending". There is one I am worried about because I made an appointment with one agent and then she went to lunch and left me with another. I asked to wait twice and was basically told "no" before I felt I had to go on a tour with the other agent... or risk being completely suspicious. I emailed EPMS after and asked if it would be fine... I didn't want to spend an hour on a report that was going to be rejected anyway and they told me to go ahead and submit anyway and explain what had happened. Now it's the only one still sitting in there as "awaiting acceptance". sad smiley I wish I had any idea if it will be accepted or not.
Either email the scheduler directly, or call the main # in Perrysville, OH. Whenever I call, I usually speak with someone almost right away.
I had the same thing happen to me. They accepted my report and I got paid. The waiting is the worst.
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