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Hello! I really some help! I am registered with at least 20 different MSC, and NONE of them are able to verify my SSN. I got married April 30, 2016, and assumed my husband's last name. I obtained a new SS card over two weeks ago with my new married last name. I called the SSA today and last week, to make sure everything is kosher on their end. The SSA said that my name change info is transmitted to the IRS within 48 hours. Every one of the MSC I'm registered with are unable to verify me with my SSN. Why oh why are these MSC still unable to verify me?? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I'm going crazy over here trying to get this issue figured out. Thank you!

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Maybe the SSA does transmit name changes to the IRS within 48 hours. However, the IRS may not update its records as promptly. You could try calling the IRS.
Just put in whichever name you did your 2015 taxes with -- most companies have an "alternate" name area. The IRS is often incompetent.

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Thank you both for replying- I did call the IRS and my name change took effect August 2. So, if I use my maiden name for all of the MSC's, they won't not pay me because I'm not using my current, legal name? This is all just so weird that me. In my mind, they should want my name as it is now, my LEGAL name, even though it's changed since tax season, and also because my SS card has my new married last name.
Ok well I will use the Alternate name field and put my maiden name in. Thank you so much for your information!
@PasswordNotFound wrote:

The IRS is often incompetent.

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