What MSPs have good grocery shops?

Ive been doing a good grocery shop for Kinesis, but I dont see many grocery shops and so I suspect I am not with the right MSPs for them. Ideas? I am in CA if it matters.

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What is a good grocery shop? There are grocery shops and there are grocery shops. So what makes a grocery shop good? Is it the pay? the food sold? or is it the recipes you like to make with your groceries bought?

Marketforce, MartizCX and Alta360 Research, all have grocery shops. And they are nationwide MSCs. So CA may be on their job board.smiling smileysmiling smiley

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A reimbursement makes it good. I don't just want to go to a store I wouldn't normally go to to grocery shop and then write a report. I would like to get a reimbursement to make purchases with. And I am with two of those MSPs and have never seen a grocery shop with them. I'll look into the third- thank you.
I've done several for North Fork. Pay plus reimbursement, plus if the grocery has a gas station out front you can catch another quick shop in the same location. They paid on time.
Dynamic Advantage has one grocery chain in my area. Trendsource has 3 chains in my area. If there are other MSP providers that do grocery chains in the Los Angeles area, I would love to hear about them.
I second SECOND TO NONE for Grocery Shops. I hate the Trendsouce ones but these are much easier with fewer interactions and much less questions. And they pay is better. I did one this week and have two scheduled for Monday.
Reality Check has them in MN, IA IL. I have never done one. Pay $20 but no reimbursement .
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