"Special Expenses"

I just saw a couple of job postings where there is a fee listed and then a line that says "special expenses." Does anyone know what that is supposed to be? Is that considered a bonus?

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No. A bonus is listed as a bonus. Special expenses could be a myriad of things depending on what your scenario is, but definitely is not a bonus. I am assuming it's a company that uses Sassie platform, right?
I've been doing jobs like this recently. The special expenses at $6-$12 are for compliance shops in case they sell you the item without your ID. If the sell me alcohol, my special expense is $6 and if they sell me cigarettes, my special expense is $12. I haven't had anyone sell it to me yet without the ID at these particular shops. There is a cigarette compliance shop I do that requires me to buy either way and I often do not get carded on those since they do not have to scan my license.

Special expenses when I started MS in 2014 were to help with the gas. Legally this meant I couldn't claim half of my mileage. The reason I couldn't claim all of my mileage was the special expense was based on my 1/2 of my mileage.

If it's qualified as a special expense, it will not show up for you as income on a 1099 or your tax return. Be smart and document all emails, shopper log/pages on solid paper.and your payments from the companies. Spreadsheets are your friend in this business.

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Clinen, I was born in the wrong era. Sigh. I see those compliance shops that I can't do, and others that i am simply aged out of (like Spencers) and it is disappointing, to say the least.
"edited because I forgot stuff, edited again because I can't read what I write."

Been there, done that!

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I'm too old for most of the tobacco ones, but I can still do the alcohol compliance shops. I do, occasionally pick up some shops for a company that does ID checks for tobacco as just a yes or no that doesn't matter the age.

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