Intellishop Secret Shopping

I just don't get it. When you do shops and submit them when the report is a great report there is no question on payment or procedure but as soon as you have a bad report they come up with every excuse to not pay you. Do your clients want the true or are we suppose to lie on our reports???

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Never, EVER lie. But there's facts, and just the facts, and then there is the truth. "I gave the associate every opportunity to ask any questions, but I could not get him to. I even asked questions in an effort to get a response from him. When I asked him "can you recommend one of these, please?", he looked me right in the eye, turned around, and walked away from me. I did not hear him called away, I did not see him approach another customer, he merely walked away from me and did not return." That's a really negative report; probably the worst I've ever turned in. It was not questioned, it was not kicked back, but it was certainly negative.
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