I am doing my first grocery tomorrow. I have read their instructions yet do not find the four focus departments I have to evaluate. Can anyone give any guidance here. I actually sent a message to them yesterday for guidance and have not had a response. Thank you.

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Produce, meat dept. Deli and ask question out of the few they give you., grocery if you see an associate walking around, ask any question. Everything is on the top of site when you link on...remember to take
test before going.

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Just did this one this afternoon. Like Irene_LA said, produce, meat, deli and jewelry have specific questions from a list of 3 or 4. Grocery (up to 3), home and apparel have "do you know where" questions.
Jewelry, no I said Grocery.....anyway, glad it went well, not that bad huh? My stores have no apparel.

Live consciously....
I did this yesterday. Now they have questions. I have gone to the site to try to respond to their questions yet I am not able to get to the specific question to change my answer. There isn't any button I can click that will allow me to get in to change my information. Any suggestions? I've tried to use the contact us site yet I can't get the project # in the spot, so I'm stuck here. Anyone have a phone # I can call. Thank you.
@Clamchatter-This company recently "improved" their website. As a result it is not as user friendly-Especially if you are on a phone.
They lost their upscale account and the other is being shopped half of what it was.

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